Wednesday, February 25

start of wednesday night outdoor rides is march 11

The Wednesday night outdoor ride is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, March 11.
Meeting at 600PM in Bike Masters parking lot. Try to be back before it is dark.
This is a ride as fast as you can ride, but the big group will break up into smaller pieces along the way, so it is recommended for people who want to push themselves and get stronger and faster.
Consequently, the last indoor weeknight ride will be March 4.
Saturday mornings should move to outside as soon as the ambient air temp is above 40 at 900AM.
Bike Masters

Friday, January 30

tomorrow, jan 31, last day for $99 winter overhaul special

Plus parts and supplies. No more procrastination or you can pay regular price $199.

Tuesday, December 9

holiday open house party

Just a reminder that Bike Masters is having a holiday open house on Friday, Dec 12, 530-800PM.
We want to thank you for shopping here, and offer you some special benefits.
1. Free gift for all attendees.
2. Free money deal gift cards... we add 10% free money to your gift card purchase.
3. Winter overhaul special is going on now.
Bike Masters

Monday, November 17

indoor cycling holiday hours

Indoor cycling will continue through the holidays with a couple of exceptions:
Wednesday, Nov 26 ( Thanksgiving Eve) I will not be in the store after 5PM.
Wednesday , Dec. 24 (Christmas Eve) the store will close at 4PM.
Saturday, Dec 27 I will be in Minnesota
PS: Don't forget the Bike Masters Annual Holiday Customer Appreciation Open House on Friday, Dec 12.

Sunday, November 16

monday night ride (mnr)

Standing mnr at Tranquility. We roll from Bike Masters at 6 down to kiosk at first parking lot south of Fort and 124th St. Roll from kiosk about 6:05.

During cold months there is an indoor ride at Bike Masters so parking may be tight. Please leave a couple parking spaces in front for customers.

We don't ride mud. Check THOR facebook page for go/no.

We usually have a faster A and a no drop B group.

indoor cycling mon, wed, sat

Full on indoor cycling starts next Monday, 11/10/14.
sessions will be Monday night 6:00 PM
                         Wednesday night 6:00 PM
                         Saturday morning 7:00-10:00 AM
This Saturday, I will be inside on the trainer. You can choose inside or outside ride depending on your cold tolerance.
Hooks are available for $25 for the season. There are 19 spots , 3 are already spoken for, so get your spot and pay for it asap.

Monday, November 3

2014-15 Winter Overhaul Special through Jan 31

The Bike Masters Winter Overhaul Special runs now through January 31, 2015.
Same deal as always:
Complete overhaul (Reg. $199) for $99 plus parts.
If you ride a lot, this is a great thing to do for your bike.

Wednesday, October 8

2014 50/50 Fall Century Cue Sheet

Check out the comments for this Saturday, Oct 11, road century.

Wednesday, September 17

flea market clothing sale

The Flea Market clothing sale is all set up and ready to roll at Bike Masters.
Even more stuff has been added to the mix since last weekend.
Shop now!

Monday, August 25

2014 Fall Century Maps

The Bike Masters 2014 Fall 50/50 Century routes are posted on mapmyride:

Bike Masters 2014 Fall 50/50 Century Loop 1

Bike Masters 2014 Fall 50/50 Century Loop 2

Saturday October 11, 2014
Loop 1 leaves at 900AM
Loop 2 leaves whenever you get back, get some refreshments, and regroup.
You can do either loop or both.

Please remember to arrive early enough to sign in. The store will be open at 800AM. You can take as long as you like to do the ride. The store will be open until 800PM.
When I get the sign in form ready, I will email it to to you, so you can fill it out in advance and just hand it in when you get here.
Also please remember to park in the neighborhood North of Fort Street.

Saturday, August 9

2015 Fall Century Oct 11

The ride will be on a Saturday, so the shop will be open all day to meet our needs as we come and go.

The Fall Century will be a 50/50 format. We will start at Bike Masters and ride to Fremont and back using the traditional route. Upon returning, you will be able adjust your wardrobe, resupply your nutrition, etc. We will then ride to Two Rivers and back using the traditional route. After the ride you will be welcome to hang out and socialize and recover.
I am scheduled to devote the whole day to riding with you and enjoying the day, so it works out great for me, too.

Wednesday, June 11

Itinerary for Tranquility Trail Tantrum - Saturday, June 14, 2014

2013 TTT race

??? are jobs needing volunteers.
Please send email to tpmbt[at]cox[dot]net for the job you would like to help with.
Thank you.

Sat 06:30 setup –
registration Dale, Danna, Jennifer, Ryan, Roxy
Results Board and Podium

runners' water, cups, table, trash can at 3/6 mile - west entrance/serice road apex - Dale
cones and paint service road crossings Dale

???07:00-08:00 ride course with tape to verify/fix course markings ???

07:00 runner registration opens - Danna and Jennifer
08:00 runners' race starts
08:15-10:00 runners' water table - Chris (with car)

08:30-09:30 Registration open for Junior, Cat 3, 4hr - Danna and Jennifer
Hand out chips -
hand out bib numbers -
Day of Registration -
Psycowpath T-shirts

09:30? THOR grill - Dave P

09:45 Racers’ Meeting – officials – passing etiquette; juniors' finish chute, runners on course

???09:45 Junior sweeper - ???

10:00 4hr, cat 3, Juniors race starts

07:00-14:30 Gofer(s) - helps in start/finish area - Dave N

10:00-11:15 course marshals – till cat 3 or juniors are through ttf
lower ridgeline  Eric
Paul's do-drop-in  Linda  

10:15-11:30 Registration open for Cat 2 and 1 - Danna and Jennifer
hand out chips -
hand out bib numbers -
Day of Registration -
Psycowpath T-shirts

10:30 Runner awards (announcer - Ryan, hand out - gofer)

11:20 Awards to Jr, Cat 3 (announcer - Ryan, hand out - gofer)
10:30-14:30 help officials – gofer

???10:30-11:30 chip return  ???

11:45 Racers' Meeting - officials - passing etiquette

12:00-14:00 course marshals –
???lower ridgeline ??? (bring bag chair, umbrella for sun)
Paul's do-drop-in  Linda

12:00 Cat 1 and 2 race starts

???13:00-14:30 chip return ???

Announcer - Ryan, hand out awards - gofer
14:00 Cat 2 awards
14:45 Cat 1 awards
15:00 marathon awards

???15:00 Teardown, picnic tables returned via THOR trailer???

Wednesday, February 19
Omaha Bicycle Swap Meet and Expo
Plan to Exhibit & Attend
Sunday, March 9th, 2014
11AM – 4PM
College of St. Mary’s
7000 Mercy Road
Lied Fitness Center
Exhibitors-Sign up now!
Registration fees increase after March 1st   
·        Clubs, non-profits and affinity groups—Offer selling opportunities to members, use as a fundraiser.
·        Bike shops—clear out old inventory. Offer employees an opportunity to sell their personal bike stuff.
·        Individuals—Buy a space for yourself or share one with a friend.
Information & sellers registration on our website:

Wednesday, January 1

ogre accessorizing towards touring

A few changes to the ogre over the last several months:
- 165mm crank arms replace 180s: ogre has lower bb than mary does; many less pedal strikes
- Brooks Flyer: After getting my backside pounded by the Dakota five-o, I opted for some old school suspension.
- JandD rear rack and bag: carrying additional layers of clothes, cable, ulock
- Relevate Designs frame bag: another accessory towards bike touring

Surly ECR or Krampus or Ogre or Troll? This article and links to others describe their different attributes and functionality. Reading these got me more focused on bike touring. My next accessory I would like to get is a Jones Loop Bar.

Friday, November 22

What is your motivation to ride?

The 2013.11.17 Monday Night Ride at Tranquility Park got me thinking about how we ride bikes. I worked the afternoon building a couple kids bikes. Instead of bringing a change of clothes for the MNR, I wore blue jeans, t-shirt, and wind shell for a singletrack night ride with temps in the 40's.

Clear night sky, no wind, casual pace. While we can't control the weather, we can control how hard we ride. Using the low 36x22 gear from the Bike Bash ride at Platte River State Park a couple days earlier, this made the spinning at Tranquility very easy compared to my usual 36x18. Slow cadence, easy spin, slow speed reminded me of Sunday afternoon drives before bikes.

Compared to rides with my bike specific clothes, more effort, faster speed - why do I often treat riding like a race? Probably because my initial motivation to start riding 10 years ago was to loose weight and get into shape. The time on cement trails away from cars, and dirt trails away from man-made structures, did increase my physical fitness and rejuvenate my spirit. Those fitness rides made me faster, so why not extend the logic to see how fit I could get, how good I would feel, how fast I could go? 

For sustainability and cost reasons, I am motivated to use my bike to replace the car. Using regular clothes, at an easy pace, enjoying the roses. Thinking about the space and time between home, vocation, retail, avocation, enrichment; what if I allotted more time to travel the space between my destinations by bike in order to be rejuvenated throughout the day? Is the space-time between my destinations too large to be feasible? Motivation is the most important catalyst for solving problems.

Over time, motivations and abilities change. Regardless of whether I'm in race mode, or taking time to smell the roses, a bike helps us enjoy the ride we call life.

Enjoy the ride!

Wednesday, November 13

Winter Overhaul Special through Feb 15, 2014

It is that time again. Your bike needs some TLC to get it ready for next spring.
Bike Masters offers you our Complete Overhaul at a special winter price.
Now through Feb 15, 2014:
Winter Overhaul Special  $99 (regular price $199) plus lube and shop supplies plus parts plus tax.
You can drop your bike off or talk to Dan about a time when you want to have it done.

Monday, September 23

fall saturday road ride start times

Saturday Morning rides will continue to start at 830 This week and next week.
Starting October 5, We will revert to 900AM.
Thanks, Dave

Wednesday, September 11

bike masters fall century - sept 15

Ride about 100 miles (actually a little less, but who's counting?).
Food after the event provided by Hy-Vee. $5.00 + tax cost for the food, payable to Bike Masters.

Rolling out Sunday at 8:30 am.

Questions, ask Dave at 402.964.1080

Monday, August 26

October Bike Wine Food

Tentative date for next Bike-Wine-Food is Sunday, October 20.
Service will start about 530PM.
Theme is Best Wines under $20 from around the world and the food that goes with them.
There will be 5 different wine varieties and interesting, eclectic food pairings.
Thanks, Dave

Saturday, August 3

Been hearing more creaking noises - seat and crank area. Monday at Manawa had heard a lot more noise. Grabbed crank and had lateral movement, tightened down the preload but still noisy. Rode two laps anyway figuring I was ruining my bb.

Looked at it Tuesday night after work. He is what I found:

Mr. Whirley requires 5 bolts to hold an inner ring to which the chainring is bolted to. One of the two remaining bolts came off with just a touch so only one bolt was holding this inner ring on. I was only checking chainring bolts, not inner ring.

Also found my seat most of the way back on rails. I needed to tighten down the two seat post bolts more.

Seems I have to relearn this every couple years: Hunt down the creaks and noises. Something is crying out for attention before it breaks.